DELICIOUS SALVADORAN DISHES SELFIES:) If my dishes could take selfies, this is what they would look like!

 004 (3)  056 

Pan con Pavo/Salvadoran Turkey Sandwich           Torrejas

 002 (2)

Pasteles de Platano con frijoles/Plantain Empanadas

064  008 (2)

Chilaquilas/Salvadoran Chilaquilas                             Frijoles rojos con crema/Red Beans with cream

 001 (7)

Leche hervida con canela/Hot Cinnamon- milk

green beans rellenos 052  034

Rellenos de Ejote/Green Beans and cheese             Fresco de semillas de Chan/Chan red lemonade


Leche Poleada/Salvadoran Vanilla Custard

020 (5)  003 (2)

Fresco de Pina/ Fresh Icy Pina                                     Pupusas de ayote y queso/Squash & Cheese Pupusas


Mango en almibar con canela y marquesote




  1. The idea is so simple and yet no one had done it. Thank you for putting this book together. I just purchased your book on Amazon. Best of luck.

    • Thank you Edwin for purchasing the book. The idea seems simple, but it takes complex intellectual work to present a difficult and undeveloped subject, and make it accessible to everyone! It took me four years to write, produce and publish this cookbook. I hired and lead a team of talented individuals who helped accomplish my mission and vision of the final product. It also took $50,000 to bring the whole project to a fruition. No one else could have done it. From the beginning I set out to publish a cookbook that
      met the highest standards in the industry. I am proud to be recognized for my hard work by people like you. Happy to tell you that I have been nominated for the Gourmand Award for best first cookbook of the world. I am going to China to compete against five other countries.

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